Writer and artist Karl Haglund


I am Karl. I am the sole person here. Writer and photographer etc...

I was born amid the golden cheese-covered fields of northern Wisconsin but soon followed my family to Iowa (I had no choice, I was 4) where I grew up. We lived in an old farm house for a few years, then lived in town - Vinton, IA. After HS I bounced around all over the Midwest. I ended up in St Louis, MO when I met my now wife. We now live among the frozen North Iowa cedar and corn fields. 

I dropped out of grad school (MPP program) at UNI to pursue being an artist full time. I ship my work all over the world and consider myself to be very lucky, but it is no way to achieve wealth. I love it, though. 

I work as an artist and photographer, my wife is a social worker and college professor. Our kids - 1 son, 1 daughter - are into all sorts of activities: drama, cross country, dance, volleyball, baseball - in no particular order. 

My work: www.karlhaglund.com

My email: hello@karlhaglund.com

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