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It Felt Like A Good Morning

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

CHARLES CITY, Iowa (4-7-2020) - I grabbed my camera and put on a lukewarm jacket and left my house around 7:30 in the morning - and through the fog behind my eyes I could see a similar fog blanketing our small town streets - and it felt like a good morning.

I saw birds and cars and industry and I heard all the sounds that go along with those things - and I thought about those things as I nodded to the occasional waving motorist.

There was a peace in the noise - and I let it all be part of my walk - and I let the noise steer my thoughts - and it steered me to when I was a young kid growing up in a different rural Iowa town where the sounds were all the same.

There was some work being done on the road along the Cedar River - and there was a guy walking up to a skid loader - and we waved at each other - and I have no idea who he was, but it was nice. A face. A human interaction - and it seems much more important to me right now.

The bike trail was empty, though I met one other person - and while I walked off into the grass to keep my 6 feet of distance - she marched onward down the path - and she was talking on her cellphone - and she seemed oblivious to the good morning.

And I kept walking and thinking - and everything was OK.


*Canon 5d markiii - Canon 16-35mmL f2.8.

Thanks for reading/looking. Be well.


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