Joel Sires Navigates The Pandemic, Releases 10-inch Album: Dog Years

“I tend to be working all the time on songs and ideas” - Joel Sires

Joel at his rural Iowa home. - photo by I, Karl Haglund

MIDWEST of EVERYTHING - It can’t be the easiest thing in the world to write, record and release an album right now… with the Pandemic and all. But, Joel Sires of TWINS accomplished just that. His new solo venture Dog Years will be officially released on April 1st of this year (2021) and while only 4 songs deep, it is a full 7-course meal of songwriting delicacy.

Joel had help.

“My friend and producer Seth Luloff was the other creative half on this project and he kinda ran with it from the jump with me. He engineered, produced, mixed it at his studio “Oddfellow Recording” up in Shell Rock, IA. He also played drums live and overdubbed his voice and an accordion.”

Joel also got assistance in the process from his longtime friend Graham Howland on bass and vocals, Ben Rendall from TWINS on piano and keys, and Jacob Lampman on lead guitar.

“I was a little worried bringing everyone together finally to track, that maybe the chemistry wouldn’t be there because none of these guys had ever played together and they really didn’t have any prep time, but the chemistry absolutely was there and we hit the ground running. Those guys are all pros and it was one of, if not the easiest, session I’ve ever been a part of. We recorded 5 songs in one day which may not sound like a lot to folks who don’t make records but it is actually a shit load and can usually be grueling but this was a delight. Easy and fun and laid back and I think that comes through in the recordings.”

Joel Sires – Dog Years track list:

1. Mexican Fireworks

2. The Late Great Jesse Gates

3. Prisoners

4. Poison Valentine


The 10 inch album will be released April 1st by Seeder Records of Cedar Falls, IA.

The album is a product of a group of songs that Joel had been working on since releasing the TWINS album Dream On last year.

Joel reflected on the driving force, “Yeah, I tend to be working all the time on songs and ideas and this really wasn’t any different except a lot of these songs are based outside of myself and less directly personal maybe. I had really written from the first person a lot on TWINS Dream On and I didn’t intentionally stay away from that kind of writing I think I just naturally drifted towards writing about places and people outside of myself to escape the lockdown and pandemic and sort of travel in my mind since I couldn’t go anywhere in real life.”

You can pre-order/buy the album here: DOG YEARS

You can find Joel on the INTERNETS here:

Go check it out, buy the album.

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Thanks! To Joel for the time and the music files.

I hope you all are well.


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